Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Update and what's been happening

I apologize profusely for not updating more. Things have been rather hectic here since my last post, but fear not, I managed to type and draw up quite a few posts in between then and now. I pretty much have been focusing on DS3's health and new diet restrictions and not on blogging (or school.. ulp!) but everything's ok now so we can resume the 2-3 posts a week, starting with today's!!

As you can probably tell, today's blog is about DS3. He was born a bit of an oddball and cant have a BM easily or even on a regular schedule. Our doctor suspects a rare condition called Hierschprung Disease (HD) which, in laymans terms, means that a section of his lower intestines are not working properly and cause him a great deal of pain when he does finally have a BM... Anyways, he recently had minor surgery to get a biopsy on his intestines and to unblock his tract as it appeared to be absolutely full... I'll spare the details, but the day of the surgery I was a complete mess and even moreso, was an absolute wreck when they actually came to take him in... so was DH.

 Unfortunately, as soon as he was out of sight... I completely lost it and broke down.. thank god DH was there to comfort me.

The surgery only took a little while.. less than an hour really... and he was so upset about the whole ordeal that he cried even more than I did when he woke up... Ok.. so did I.

So we went home after an hour or so in recovery, and they told us that he may be a little sleepy and to just let him sleep if he was. So he sleep he did...

And sleep...
And sleep... but finally...

He practically SPRANG out of bed, his poor puppy (who actually went in for surgery WITH him) got tossed aside... he gingerly crawled into my bed and he and I cuddled all day after that. If there is anything that this experience taught me, its that as much as he drives me crazy... I think that I'd be a broken shell of a person if something serious were to ever happen to any one of my Boyz. I love them with every single cell in my body, and they are my everything

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