Saturday, 11 May 2013

Guest Blog by Gabe D. "Untitled"

Hello!! Still not up to making my own posts here due to the current goings on. So anyways, I have another guest blog today. This time it comes from my fellow artist Gabe D. He has a really funny comic called "Funny Thing Happened Today". I've been following it ever since his wife told me about it on a forum that she and I are part of. He has a podcast!!! Oh how I aspire to draw at this type level. 

Thank you Gabe for the relatively short-notice post!! I owe ya one bud!!

-Oneawesomemom aka Mandy


Hey Y'all,

I'm Gabe. Father of one. A girl. Three years old. Nice to meet you.

My wife is beautiful and wonderful and I am so grateful that she would
waste her life on a putz like me. As such it is my pleasure to show my
gratitude in any way possible. The easiest way,of course, is to
provide her with favors. Pretty much anything she wants (if it is in
my power) she gets.

I'm not always happy to perform the favor, but I do it. Because I love
her and I am grateful for her and I want her to know it.

It's been a nice system. She feels appreciated, and I get to stay
married to her. Everybody wins.

Now, we have a little girl (3).

And she is absolutely the spitting image of her mother. Her mother is
the one who works, and I am the one who stays home to rear her. But
there is a problem. As the at-home parent, it is my duty to rear her
properly, meaning, teach her the word "no", and make sure it sticks.

The break-down is that she has her mother's face. I have never said no
to her mother.  I know, on a conscious level, that this is not my
wife, this is my child. She must learn.  On a subconscious level,
however, she has my wife's personality, mannerisms, and her face.

So sure sweetheart, cake would make a great breakfast. Want cookies
for lunch? We can do that. Oh, you don't want to go to bed yet? Okay,
30 more minutes. Okay an hour. Then right to bed!  10 more minutes?

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