Friday, 10 May 2013

Guest Blog "Wasted Frills " by Cousin CW

G'day readers! I am unable to post today (I'll blog about why for Monday's post) so  I've asked my cousin to guest for me today. Also (and completely unexpectedly) my laptop's keyboard decided to stop working.... I am typing with the onscreen keyboard until it is fixed by DH... so without further adieu, here is today's entry and a picture of kittens... just  because
*sidenote* although I am getting used to typing  with this onscreen keyboard, it is still annoying as @#$^!!!!! 

A HUGE thank you to my cousin CW for today's entry
love, Oneawesomemom, aka Mandy  

Wasted Frills

Hello, I am guest blogger 27, cousin of this blog host.

Unlike her, I am the father of 2 girls and 1 boy.  16, 8 and son is 10. I am a K-5 Art teacher. I am not a know it all do gooder about children and their ways. I have become an observer, nay, a slave to how they roll. As readers must know, the cost of living has not gone down, no matter where we live and wages may trickle up at a snail’s pace. That is if one is lucky to even have a job. Anyhow, 8 yr-old daughter has this tendency to waste stuff. She’ll waste anything from food to dishes, toys to shampoo…all very costly needs.  She is not meager in grades nor in motor skills, she is actually awesome. But like with any person, she has flaws. She has a problem. She is addicted to sugar and making messes. I have found a trail of sugar packets throughout the house, lemon peels and food wrappers in the most secretive of places: under her bed, in the attic, in her closet and in spots of the basement. I’ve even caught her throwing garbage on the ground she ate on, scolded her, and listened to her whine how she didn’t do anything and wasn’t meaning to. Surprised, I’ve offered incentives like movies, parks, dollar store and an allowance but this one is too content to remain sloppy and in shear denial. The latest deed she did not do was take a shower and dump out all of the shampoo and conditioner in the tub to make bubbles. She has done this before and has been reprimanded but to no avail. Mama is at wits end with these antics and I scratch my head. I’m in threatening mode. I threatened to video her while making a mess or while she throws a tantrum and showing it to her teacher. Teacher loves and respects her and places her on a pedestal. I did mention my daughter is awesome. So she would probably faint if she seen how daughter turns into Mrs. Hyde at home. Daughter is cute as a button and equally charismatic, and I don’t wish to treat her with kids gloves but I feel like we are fast approaching an impasse. We’ve modeled, rewarded and encouraged her in many ways as well scolded, teased, negatively reinforced stuff yet her response is defiant. It’s not just a kid thing anymore, nor do I feel in denial of being too passive or being too politically correct as we say in the States. All I can say is it’s not just a boy thing, nor are teachers of little ones, the ultimate parents. We have problems rearing our own kids too.

-CW (Oneawesomemom's cousin)
Kittens !!!!

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