Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mondays Madness was MAD

SORRY for the lateness!!

You see, Monday's post was almost ready to post then I went and decided to be a hero.

I am trying to build a chicken coop for our 10 chickens and 11 ducklings.. currently, they're homeless and are living in a large dog crate inside the house which is messy, noisy and a LOT of work with 3 kids running about. Thankfully they have only been spending their nights inside and they live outside during the day. Anyways, I'm trying to build a chicken coop but its definitely not easy given the material that I have on hand and also the amount of help I have (my "victims" as I've been mentally calling them). So the coop is to be rather large. One wall is approximately 8ft tall and weighs a good 70lbs or so as its made of solid wood and not even plywood.

I am not all that tall. I'm 5'6" at most and am proud of it, and dont actually look like the 1st picture that I posted. I'm also not nearly as strong as I had thought I was because while moving this wall which was too heavy for me... any anyone with more than 2 braincells would have seen that it was obviously a two-person job.

Now. I did a few pretty silly things here. A) I was dragging the wall, and B) I was not looking where I was going, which is why THIS happened:

As it was happening, time slowed to a crawl and I thought two things 1) I had forgotten my cellphone in the house and 2) I had also been dumb enough to not tell anyone what I was doing as I had planned on only being outside for 10 minutes while my kiddos ate their lunch. My next thoughts were...

And then I saw the dog. Oh the dog! The dog!! They're supposed to be our best friends and are supposed to help us when we're in trouble right? Right? 

I would have laughed had I not had 70lbs of wall crushing me. I will admit it.. I started panicking. A lot. I couldnt help it. I left my only real lifeline in the house and didnt tell anyone that I was going to be outside. Thankfully, I managed to wiggle free.
I went to the hospital and got a full-body x-ray. Thankfully, nothing is broken, I'm just bruised and slightly beaten up by the wall. I learned a good lesson or three that day. 1) NEVER try to do a two-person job by yourself, especially if its to do something dumb like prove a point. 2) ALWAYS tell people where you are going and what you are doing and 3) My dog need a Tic-Tac or 5 cuz her breath should be registered as a deadly weapon! All kidding aside, I figure that having my cellphone glued to my body isnt all THAT bad an idea. *sigh* at least I'm on the mend and will be posting another entry tomorrow, and on Sunday to make it up to you guys :)

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