Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Terrible 2's? No. Tyrannical 2's.

As you know, my boys are my entire world, and I try very hard to keep up with the triumphs, and trials of their lives, with a genuine elated smile or a reassuring and supportive one when necessary. With two kiddos in school full time, it can be a bit tricky remembering who they are friends with this week and who they aren’t anymore. The easiest one by far is Ds3 who is at home with momma all day long, which gives me time to devote all of my attention on him while his brothers are at school, and allows me to know who his buddies are and which one is his current favourite at all times. My little Ds3 is probably the sweetest and cutest little guy out there. He has these big, kissable chubby cheeks, these sweet rosy lips that pucker up when he concentrates, Adorable sandy blond curls, and these huge expressive eyes with thick dark lashes that somehow don’t tangle up when he blinks. He is a tiny cherub...

...And unfortunately he has become aware of this, and uses it to his advantage....

All. The. Freaking. Time.

And without fail (like most parents of toddlers), I fall for it, hook line and sinker.

Lately, he and his former best friend (the puppy from one of our previous posts) had some sort of disagreement, which led Ds3 to immediately stop speaking to it, throw it in the laundry room and never look back. I believe that this is the first time I’ve had to deal with one of my kids “dumping” someone... hopefully I’ll remember how to handle it when it involves a real person later on. Fortunately, he has found someone else to fill the position of “BFF” and has become best friends with a stuffed frog, named Mr. Proggy, which he takes everywhere with him (a few times, he’s tried to take his frog “smimming”, which did not end well).
This friendship is so sweet, that anyone who sees them play together will immediately develop no less than 4 cavities and need serious dental work. He talks to his frog, “feeds” him snacks, tucks him into bed, tries to include him in all things DS3, and is surprisingly possessive and protective of him. This is the probably one of cutest things that any of my kids has ever done and I think of it as no less than angelic.

Lately though, my sweet angel has turned into some sort of terrorist who is hell bent on being the boss, is never wrong, and owning absolutely everything under the blasted sun. It was adorable the first time he possessively told me “No Momay, dat DS3’s Proggy!”. Sure I was a little taken back by the suddenness of it all, however I took it in stride and used it to show him the respect he deserves, and agreed that the frog is his, and that I should have asked first before touching it. I swear this went straight to his head because ever since that fateful day, EVERYTHING is now Ds3’s including control, and if you take it away from him, he WILL tell Grandma on you.

The initial cuteness of it wore off quickly and has since turned into some sort of strange power struggle... with a demon no less... over every little thing imaginable.

Time for dinner where Proggies aren’t allowed? “NO MOMAY!! DAAAADDDYYY!!!! MOMAY TAKIN’ AWAY DS3’S PROGGY!!!”
Time to put the boots on when he doesn’t want to? “NOOO DADDY!! MOOOMMMAAAYYY!!! DADDY WANTS DS3’S WITE DAARE!!” (Don’t worry if you don’t follow, it’s hard for even me to understand his logic there)

Time to eat? “NO!” Time to go to bed? “NO!!” Ds3 must share his toys? “NO!!” Let your brother sit there please? “NOO!!!” Stop kicking your brother? “NO! GWAAMMAA!! MOMAY MAKIN’ DS3 SAD!”

I officially hate that tiny two-lettered negative but find myself using it more and more when people try to talk to me.

This leaves me pondering where my sweet little cherub went, and who the hell thought it’d be funny to replace him with this scary little tyrant.

(Like seriously, I'm about finished with this "being the adult all the time" business. I would very much like to just hide in my blanket fort with a flashlight, a box of cookies and a comic book or five)

-One Awesome Mommy

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