Friday, 22 February 2013

Bathtime Blues

I follow lots of other blogs, one of them is Parenting: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures This is quite possibly one of the most hilarious blogs out there!! Seriously! Read it! It makes me chuckle just thinking about it!! 

I also read a few others, but this is the one that never fails to crack me up. Anyways, one theme I've noticed in most other mom-blogs is the lack of bathtime blues related posts... They post about stuff like

Nothing wrong with that.. cuz ya know.. posting stuff about kids in a bath on the internet is something to be debated about for sure. However, I have a question to ask so I'm gonna post about MY ordeal with bathtime just cuz I can. So, my little DS2 and his brothers will play hard, all day, and all evening right up until its time to go to bed. Last I heard, its completely normal.. right? Right? They'll run, jump, do somersaults, tumble about, play with the dog, roll around in the dirt (one of them will eat it too.. ugh!) and they'll build forts, drag their little bodies around on the ground like baby seals.. ya know.. boy stuff.

Anyways, back during my 1st post, I mentioned that DS2 hated baths. I highly doubt that anyone ever thought that his hatred of bathtime was nearly as bad as it really is tho. I can tell him that its time for a bath.. and this is the reaction that I will ALWAYS get:

Which means that I almost always have to make him take a bath by chasing him around, trying to undress him while he wiggles and runs away, physically carrying him into the bathroom while he kicks and screams and carries on..

Getting soap in MY eyes and in MY hair, holding him down while dumping water on his head to wash his hair, getting soaked in the process and having my eardrums ruptured while he screams and carries on during this entire process.. All while saying out loud "Calm down, its ok, just breathe."..... I still am not sure if I'm saying it to him or to myself to keep myself from joining him in his screaming and flailing about.

The entire ordeal usually ends in one or both of us crying and running away.. him to his room to hug his "Big Fat Luigi" and me to my candy stash to keep my nerves calm...

It never fails.. Thankfully, I've learned that he's okay with me sponge-bathing him.. however his beautiful long hair is an issue, and sometimes, sponge-baths just dont cut it.. so we start this horrible ordeal all over again. So my question is... do you readers have issues with bath time? Or is it just my nutbar? Its frustrating, and loud, and wet and I'm getting tired of the whole process so I'd like a better way if possible.

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